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What is the case preparation and representation service?

Case preparation is:

  • Interviewing you once on the telephone to ascertain the circumstances of your case to be put into writing to brief the barrister;
  • Reviewing your documents and material evidence;
  • Ensuring that you provide us with the necessary evidence that will be persuasive in your case (e.g. a letter from your employer);
  • Liaising with court on your behalf to list the appropriate hearing.

Representation is:

  • Having a barrister meet you at Court before the hearing;
  • Providing a barrister to the final hearing to persuade the court of your case, for example, to keep your licence.

Costs not included in the fixed priced services?

With our fixed fee service you will be covered for all aspects of preparation required to completely resolve your case.

However our fixed fees do not include extras such as: 

  • Experts reports; 
  • Delays and duplication of work caused by you failing to turn up to court appearances;
  • Delays and duplication of work caused by the court adjourning your case;
  • Court (prosecution) costs and fines;
  • Obtaining evidence from third parties;
  • Preliminary hearings;
  • Site visits;
  • Appeals against any court decision given in your case;
  • Further telephone calls seeking advice or information.

Do you take on "no win no fee" cases?

No. The law does not allow "no win, no fee" arrangements for motoring offences that are covered by the criminal courts. 

However, if you win your case, you can in certain circumstances recover your costs from central funds and will refund to you all costs allowed by the Court.

Do you do legal aid work?

We do not undertake work on a legal aid basis. If we believe that your case is eligible for legal aid we will advise you accordingly.

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